Birthday Calendar Template: Anniversary And Birthday Reminder

Perpetual Birthday Calendar Template
Free Printable Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Birthdays are a very special day for everyone. Do you sometimes forget friends, family members, near and dear one’s birthdays and Anniversary Date? Rush round searching for a last minute gift because an important birthday or anniversary slipped your mind? Well, these practical and versatile Birthday Calendar Template & Planners are the answer! Never forget another birthday with these annual, perpetual birthday calendars (undated). Available in a variety of layouts to download and print out free of charge. Keep a copy on your desk or in your diary, pin one to the wall or stick one on the fridge!

From colorful fun versions to professional-looking ones, these birthday lists feature the months of the year only, giving you the flexibility to enter names and dates for specific birthdays. The year is not specified, so your Birthday Reminder Calendar will never go out-of-date. Perfect for recording the birthdays of family and friends, work colleagues, organization, group or school friends and classmates. The calendar files are easy to work with, so your personal list of birthdays can easily be created, saved, and added to or changed as required. When you add new birthday dates or delete others, simply reprint the file for an up-to-date birthday list or wall planner.

Birthday Calendar Template, Birthday Planner
Birthday Calendar For Office and Family

Birthday Calendar Template

Birthday is very special in our life. There are many ways to celebrate the day. Firstly how to remember the day? Because there are many people in our life it’s quite tough to remember all the birthdays and anniversary. So the solution is to use the birthday calendar template, dairy. Birthday is to retaliate the love, respect, and feelings on the occasion by friends, lover, family, relatives, colleagues and all well-wishers. Use this free editable birthday calendar template to record birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Here, our team has designed different types of Birthday Calendar Printable Sheets. Take a look at the examples below.

Daily Life Useful Template

1. Perpetual Birthday Calendar 

We have designed these perpetual birthday reminders. This type of calendar, you will not need to transfer your birthday data to the next year. Cut down on end of year administration with a perpetual birthday calendar that does the work for you. Creating a perpetual calendar on your own can be difficult but a template does the hard work for you. Keep on top of birthdays even if you have forgotten to update to a diary or calendar for the new year with a perpetual birthday calendar.

Perpetual Birthday Calendar Template
Free Printable Perpetual Birthday Calendar

2. Family Birthday Calendar

Family members are the best part of our life. A family birthday and anniversary calendar documents and displays birthday dates for your close and extended family members. An editable Family Birthday Reminder calendar is the best way to track elderly relatives and children’s birthdays who might not be as aware of forthcoming with birthday information. Avoid last minutes presents by tracking family birthdays and organizing a thoughtful present ahead of time. Keeping a calendar is an underrated resource that is still the best way to track family birthdays.

Family Birthday Calendar Template
Family Birthday and Anniversary Reminder Calendar

3. Monthly Birthday Calendar

You can use this birthday calendar in your office or home, it displays the birthday information you have entered into it for the next month. It allows you to stay ahead by showing you upcoming birthdays rather than those in just the next few days. This type of templates are also great for organizing birthday surprises or presents in a timely fashion, avoided belated birthday celebrations. Include the birthdays of those who might normally get under the radar by adding them to your monthly birthday calendar.

Monthly Birthday Calendar
Online Birthday Anniversary Calendar By Month

4. Classroom (School) Birthday Calendar

You can use a birthday calendar for school or in the classroom. Every school has these in their classroom so that the students can enroll their dates and everyone gets to celebrate everyone else’s birthday. It is easy for teachers to remember and pick the birthday boy and girl and to make them feel special.

Birthday Calendar For School and Classroom
School and Classroom Birthday Calendar

5. Office Birthday Calendar

We also attached here birthday calendar for office, so you can celebrate your colleagues or all types of workers. You simply take a print out and note all employees birthday date with the name. You can plan for a birthday party and take a birthday treat who’s b’ day will come.

Birthday Calendar For Office
Birthday Calendar For Office Staff

Never Forget Another Birthday

  • Quick! – Input birthday details as soon as you become aware of them, that way you won’t lose or forget about details before you record them on your calendar.
  • Social Media – Don’t rely on every changing social media platform to remind you about birthdays. Input the details of birthdays from social media into a template so that you have an early reminder and aren’t relying on the perpetually changing and ever unreliable reminders from Facebook.
  • Birthday Card – Have an e-card or printed card ready to go for those birthdays that might occasionally creep up on you.
  • Plan – Plan something small and manageable for employee birthdays. Even a small acknowledgment will make them feel valued and appreciated. Check your calendar or list regularly to help you plan.
  • Schedule – If you see a birthday looming on your calendar template and you are worried about forgetting why not schedule an email or text message wishing your friend, colleague or loved one a happy birthday to make sure that they know that you are thinking of them and their birthday, even if you do have a lot on your plate.

These free printable birthday calendars will ensure that you don’t forget another birthday. So, why are you waiting? Take a print out and paste on your room, office, classroom, or in front of the working desk. Note down all upcoming birthday, anniversaries, and special occasions which you want to celebrate with your near and dear ones.

If you want to download another template like (Blank Calendar, Daily Planner, Weekly Schedule Template, Monthly Budget Planner, Birthday & Anniversary Reminders, and much more). Thank you for coming and reading our post and for more upcoming articles please stay tuned with us. You can bookmark to get our latest updates. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts and your favorite calendar in the comment box.


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